LogSeq Demo does not create local files

I’m using the Logseq demo function (web app) as in my setup (company assigned laptop for which I don’t have admin password and not allowed to install software) .
Therefore I’m using the web app Logseq

Initially I found that my entries (in journal pages) were not saved to disk. I noticed that when I pre-created an empty file in the right location the data was actually saved.
So I work around the above problem by running a powershell script to pre-create a full months worth of empty journal files - which allows me to work fairly well.

Unfortunately this still does not allow me to save custom pages (like searches or from backlinks) and I even find that none of the settings I try to save take effect.

So, decided to post here to see whether anybody can help me resolve these issues.
Any hint would be much appreciated, as I’m loving Logseq more and more and become more reliant on it.

Thanks in advance !

Welcome. Check Logseq didn´t create folders at my local storage

Ah, great - thanks for providing this info.
I will test this!
Much appreciated