Logseq doesn't show backlinks for pages if the links are in an embedded block

Let’s say I have a page A with some block, and in that block there is a link to page C. Now if I embed that block in page B, and then go to page C, logseq still thinks that only page A has a link to it, but not B. What is the reason behind this behaviour, and can I change it?

The reasoning I think is that the original block is the only thing that actually references page C. Page B doesn’t actually reference page C, it just references the Block that links to Page C. If you look at the plain text of the block, you’ll see that there is no actual text that refers to page C.

If every block reference was also listed in the backlinks section I imagine it would clutter up the backlinks with a lot of redundant references to the same block.

As such (without changing the code of logseq yourself) I don’t think there is any way to change this behavior.

However, if you want to see all the references to a specific block you can click the number listed to the right of the block to see all the other times it was mentioned. You can even do this within the backlinks section which basically produces the results your looking for.

Hope that helps!