Logseq for data science

I’m a data scientist and I’m using logseq to organize my ideas a bit. The only thing that I don’t have inside logseq is my Jupyter Notebooks. I try to keep an index of what is explored in each notebook, but this is a bit of a tedious task and error-prone as it is done manually.

Do any of you use any kind of workflow for data science?

One of my ideas is to run a script automatically that exports the notebooks to markdown in the pages folder, adding page-type:: [[notebook]] at the start, and a warning that this is one-way sync only. That way, at least I could reference them inside logseq, and search for things.

Another idea would be a plugin or some kind of small program that replaces every [[Concept]] with a markdown URL of the logseq page (logseq://etc). (And vice-versa when syncing to logseq). In this manner, it would be possible to click a link in Jupyter and open the associated page locally (or even deployed).


Please let’s gather ideas and approaches here: Logseq like Jupyter Notebook et similia

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