Logseq for the non-english world :: Make it possible to have weekdays (and other keywords) in another language

I am writing the journal, tasks management and kbs in my native language and would love to be able to have dates in the same language too. I am using the date format of EEEE, dd.MM.yyyy, where EEEE is full name of the week day. Instead of Monday, Tuesday, etc I’d like to know if there is any place in config.edn where I can input my own language’s days of the week.

I wish that at least there was a config.edn that would have me list a dictionary for each of the different kind of keywords that Logseq uses, like weekdays, “/”-commands, “<”-commands, etc:

weekdays = {
    "Monday": "Luni",
    "Tuesday": "Marti",
    "Wednesday": "Miercuri",
    "Thursday": "Joi",
    "Friday": "Vineri",
    "Saturday": "Sambata",
    "Sunday": "Duminica"

Thank you.

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I think it is not possible yet

If you make a post in feature requests, I will vote for it

here you go. Thanks.