Logseq freezes multiple times a week when using templates

all my markdown notes I create within a template. I have 2 templates: 1 for internal meetings, 1 for external meetings. I then add multiple [[page links]] in the template header as well as in the mark down text. about 3-10 [[page links]] per meeting note. the page links are for the people present, customer we discuss, topics we discuss, so I can then easily search them with queries, etc. See image attached for overview of how this looks.

However logseq frequently freezes and then only closes after force quit. Only to at reboot freeze again. There will be days where it does not happen at all, and then days where it happens multiple times. The freeze issue occurs after call the template via entering / > temp > then selecting the relevant template. I have been using logseq for 6 months now and it has been a game changer for me, except this freezing makes it buggy to the extent that I cannot afford to miss it functioning for a day. any and all help very much appreciated.

Running on MacBook Pro 13-inch, M2, 2022, macOS Ventura v13.5
Logseq: Version 0.9.13 (66)

anyone with any ideas what I could try? all help much appreciated.