Logseq Got My Files Stuck Encrypted

Hey there!

So I’ve been using Logseq with the encrypted feature enabled, but something happened somehow and Logseq got confused and thought that my workspace was not encrypted. I’ve had Logseq open for a long time and apparently it had been out-of-sync with the filesystem for a while because none of the git backups over the last while work either.

Anyway, now I’m stuck with my files encrypted and they show in the UI as the encrypted BEGIN AGE ENCRYPTED FILE headers.

The only way I can get Logseq to even prompt for the password to decrypt the files is by manually modifying metadata.edn to say {:db/encrypted? true}.

And then it just throws a console error when I try to put in my password:


Maybe I’m getting my password wrong, but I don’t think so and the way that Logseq is being all weird about everything makes me more sure that something else is going on.

Is there a way for me to manually decrypt my files using rage?

same… have you resolved it?

No, unfortunately I just moved on and started a new unencrypted store. :confused:

Sorry you got stuck too.

thanks for the response…yeah really frustrated about this it’s a lot of content [:sob: ]

Ah, man, I feel for you. That’s rough.