Logseq in Mac mini M1 is unable to show any saved pages

I have used Logseq 0.8.16 ([Logseq-darwin-arm64-0.8.16.dmg) in Mac mini M1(Ventura 13.1), Macbook pro, and web-based. I store a graph in Icloud.

When I opened Logseq in Mac Mini, I noticed that it could not show any saved pages. I can add new pages. However, it won’t show up if I reopen the app.

I attached the screenshot which I took when I used loqseq in Mac mini and on web-based.

I have tried many ways to solve it. For example,

  • delete plugin
  • clear cache and temp files
  • click refresh and reindex
  • reboot Mac mini
  • reinstall Loqseq in Mac mini
  • Change the place of Graph storage
  • Use the new graph
    logseq web

logseq mac