Logseq insists on dark mode!

I have set Logseq theme mode as “Light” however, every time I restart it decides to go back into dark mode… What can I do to keep it from doing that?

This is a stretch but i had a plugin that was malfunctioning and that somehow made it “stick” in darkmode. Try turning your plugins off (or removing them).

I experienced this. What I did to solve was after I changed to light theme from settings, I re-index my graph.

What theme are you using?

Hi there, replying to all suggestions here:

  • I have only the default theme, I did not install any custom themes.
  • I tried disabling all the plugins and restarting Logseq, this did not change the behavior at all.
  • I tried re-indexing after setting the theme mode to Light, however after I restarted it just jumps back to Dark theme again.

Not sure what next to try…