Logseq Internal Links that render ok in (most) external editors

Don’t know where to include this, for me it was a surprise to see that normal logseq internal Links that have spaces in them don’t render ok in external editors/viewers, so I wanted to share this with the community.

I have recently found that the commonmark standard defines URLs that have spaces in them as needing to be enclosed in angled brackets, but not all Markdown reading apps/websites support it. A better choice would be to replace the space with %20 but that will render the Logseq Link unusable because Logseq doesn’t use %20 behind the scenes for space.

Because I want to have Logseq Markdown Pages to be as compatible as possible with external (web)apps, I tested that the following works ok on several such apps:

[linked text](< [[Logseq Internal Link]] > "Title Attribute"

I have chosen to go with the (less supported) angle brackets because I sill want to be able to use my files inside Logseq and at least have them render correctly in some external editors, albeit those links mean nothing to those editors.

So when you use the Ctrl+L shortcut to insert an Inline Link in Logseq, use Angle Brackets around the Logseq-Internal-Link if you want external compatibility at least at rendering level or, better yet, use a Text Expander to fill the syntax for you. Text expanding, whenever you hit [[ should be [](< [[ ]] > ""). I don’t know it Text Expanders can leave the mouse or text input caret whenever you want it first, but that would be awesome.

NOTE: be mindful of the space between the angle brackets and the Logseq Link, otherwise you will end up with New Pages named <[[Some Page Name]]>. Also there should be no space between the opening round bracket and the angle bracket.

NOTE2: although Logseq allows this syntax, I have noticed that it nreacks some Logseq functionality, namely the Tooltip Preview Popup won’t work anymore if angle brackets are used around [[Logseq Page Links]] and also Shift-Click on it will not open in the Right Sidebar but will somehow select it with some orange outline color. To do away with this bugged behavior I decided that, in order to have some middle ground between Logseq and External Editors, I will not have Page Names with spaces and will use some other character instead of space - I chose doubled underscore, which will be easy to revert should someday Logseq be Commonmark-compatible.

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