Logseq iOS not synching

Hi folks,

I have logseq on my Mac and on my iPhone. It’s refusing to sync. Any tips on how to get this resolved?

You probably got it working by now.

If not, ensure that both your devices have iCloud Drive enabled esp. when using mobile data in case your phone is not connected to the same WiFi network that your Mac is connected to.

Appreciate the response. Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to fix this. It appears to be an iCloud issue, rather than a Logseq issue.

When I go into my Files app, there’s an up arrow and “waiting” around all my logseq files. This never seems to go away.

I deleted/reinstalled LogSeq, turned iCloud on and off, deleted all logseq iCloud data with no resolution.

@Dmitry_M Have you stored your graph inside the Logseq folder on iCloud? You can recognize it by the Logseq icon on iOS:

If you save your graph in another folder, Logseq can’t write the changes to the folder (iOS only gives apps write access in their own folder).

Using a subdirectory for your graph is fine, as long as it’s saved within the Logseq folder with the Logseq icon.

Yes, as far as I can tell:

The “waiting” never goes away, and it never shows up on my Mac.

Hm, that’s the right folder.

I remember some users having a “force iCloud sync” shortcut on iOS, but I couldn’t find it in my notes just now. Maybe a Google search turns up a solution to force iCloud to sync?

I spent some time googling and no luck. Consensus seems to be that’s not possible?

This doesn’t seem to be a logseq issue but an apple iCloud issue :frowning:

Here are Luhmann’s suggestions on the Discord. I find killall bird in the terminal often but not always works. Otherwise rebooting macOS usually fixes it, but it’s annoying to have to do.

Appreciate it. I’ve done all the things, including killing bird, logging out of iCloud, restarting (both my phone and Mac).

This is only happening with the logseq folder, so I’m thinking something went sideways on iCloud’s side. I don’t know how to properly “reset”. I did “delete all icloud” data on the iPhone, no change.

Sorry to hear that. iCloud isn’t great, even if you have all Apple devices, and the Obsidian community found that syncing Windows machines on iCloud led to repeated instances of data corruption and loss.

It seems to be more reliable in apps that store files in a database, such as Drafts and Bear, both of which have always synced flawlessly for me over iCloud.

Just want to add that I’ve been using iCloud Drive sync for about a month and it works flawlessly.

Glad it’s working well for you! I wonder why it’s more reliable for you than it is for some of us. :thinking: