Logseq is glitching when I open two windows for the same page

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For some reason, when I open two windows for the same page and try to type something, logseq glitches to the point where I can’t type anything

It appears that this happens for two different pages too.

I’ve just reported in reply to someone else’s post, but just for completeness, I have the same glitching here too when I have two windows open (it doesn’t have to be the same page). It seems to only happen as one gets beyond a certain length.

I’m on macOS and I get bugs like this too, it’s really annoying.
When you take a lot of notes and want to summarize, you need to open a second window, notion, Obsidian, don’t have this problem.
Sometimes, when I open sync, a popup also appears in one of the two windows asking me to sync the file that has changed.