Logseq keeps freezing

I’ve been running Logseq for the past couple months and have about 1,000 notes. At a conference this week it has become unusable because it’s constantly frozen. I have been able to run a rebuild and a re-index and get it to work for a few minutes after that but then it goes back to a spinning beach ball. Are there other things I can do to get it back up and running or test out to see what the problem is? Thank you!


  • Generally, 1000 notes are not a lot.
    • 1000 pages would be something, but still not a reason to freeze.
    • 1000 notes all in the same page would be suspicious.
  • Here are a few approaches to investigate:
    • Remove all customization (plugins, themes etc.)
    • Try undoing your recent changes:
      • Restore some back-up.
      • Move-out some files or excessive notes.
    • Try recreating your graph in a new folder, but only a few notes or files per time.
      • If Logseq still freezes in the new small graph, the problem is probably with the environment:
        • Maybe a recent update to a newer Logseq version.
        • Maybe the device is out of resources (memory, disk space etc.)
  • In all approaches, the point is to narrow-down the cause of the freeze.
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Thank you. I’ll work through this. It’s more like 1,000 pages. Rather than notes on a page. I try to keep those relatively short.

Is there a safe-mode or way to restart without plugins (I don’t have many but there are a couple activated). I can’t get it to run at all. When it opens it is frozen currently.

Is there a general rule of thumb among logseq users about how many notes/pages should be held in a database? And how long is too long for a single note?

Check How well does Logseq scale?

Not to my knowledge.

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