Logseq Lite: An alternative desktop version based on the mobile build

Here is an idea which might have been mentioned around already, but I’m going to suggest it as an official feature request. I could not help but notice that the release versions of both the iOS and Android apps are multiple times smaller than their desktop counterparts. The reason is clear: those are meant to provide the core experience, but lack the extensibility of the the desktop app.

My suggestion is the following: along with the regular desktop release, re-package one of those (I suppose, the Android build will be easier to deal with) as an alternative version for people with older machines, or those simply searching for a more lightweight user experience.

Does it make sense? I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Supporting extra releases adds a big burden on the developers. I think this would only be worth it if there is high demand for something like that. That’s my 2 cents.

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Sorry but you have been mislead by the size of the application in term of used storage.

When Logseq or other Web-based applications take more storage it is because of Electron i.e. they bundle the whole Chromium (basically Google Chrome).

On platform where a proper Web engine is provided there is no need to bundle Electron.

There is an alternative to Electron called Tauri that avoids bundling the whole Chromium and relies on a Web engine provided somehow by the system.

More and more Electron apps are providing a Tauri version, maybe Logseq will in the future too.

Using Tauri should reduce startup time and used RAM, depending on how the system provide the Web engine. Incidentally it also reduce the size of the app on storage but this alone doesn’t affect performance at runtime, it just saves storage.

On Arch Linux it is already possible to run Logseq not with bundled Electron but with one provided by the system, with the same performance improvements just mentioned.

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