LogSeq locking up for no apparent reason

No apparent reason that I can see, but a pattern is present.

I create a page with a Title. Then I create a Block with several sub-blocks. The Block usually comes from a video I am watching and then commenting on.

After that I create a new major Block by pasting in another video title. This pastes into place just fine, but then the cursor disappears, and I am frozen in place. Nothing works.

My “solution” has been to Force Quit LogSeq. The line I had initiated is gone, but I can start it over again and entry is fine, until it’s time to start the next major Block, then…Repeat!

Extraordinarily Frustrating!!

Any ideas? Anybody have a similar problem??? Thanks!

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Thanks for the report!
It’ll be super helpful if you can provide some detailed reproducible steps; a video will be great if it’s hard to provide all the details.

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Thanks for the invitation to provide more information. I can tell you I am using a mid-2012 MacBook Pro running Catalina with 16gb RAM. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to show in a video that one minute I’m typing along happily and the next second my cursor has disappeared along with any control I might have of the computer except to do a Force Quit and Restart LogSeq.

Now that I think of it, I haven’t quit the whole machine and restarted. Maybe I should try that.

I’d have to say I wonder if it might be a hardware problem, because this just started to happen recently after a period of working just fine.
There could be another element involved in this. I also have a 2009 Mac Pro with 32gb RAM which is a dual boot machine running Mojave and El Capitan. I was using LogSeq with iCloud on all these machines until I realized that it wasn’t backing up properly. At that time I decided to remove the data from iCloud and only use LogSeq on the MacBook Pro. I don’t think this freezing problem started immediately after this decision, but I’m afraid I can’t say for sure.

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I also found that this was a problem in version 0.8.8 for me. Try downgrading a version or two and see if that helps.

I have restarted the computer which had not been restarted for 16+ days and so far I have not had any more freezes. I have not, however, used it hard either, just a few entries. But so far, so good…