Logseq Logo Community Contest: Submission Thread

:mega: :art: Calling all designers! It’s time for a new Logseq logo, and we’re open sourcing the process.

Join the Logseq Logo Challenge and help craft our future! :point_down:

We’re looking for a new logo, and we’re accepting submissions from our community! For more information, you can check out the blog post here, but in short:

  1. We’re accepting submissions in this thread (instructions below) until June 16th
  2. We will post a poll here for community voting from June 19th through June 23rd
  3. We will pay the winners of the competition up to $1000 in cash prizes!
  4. We will announce our new logo shortly afterwards.

How to submit your logo proposal:

  1. First of all, create your masterpiece in whatever software you prefer to use (figma, sketch, photoshop, ms paint - whatever makes your ideas come to life)
  2. Test to make sure your logo works well with our future color scheme, and on all platforms, by using this figma template
  3. Export a .png or .jpg version of your logo, either in the template from step 2, or in your own proposal template
  4. Post the image in the comments below - maximum 1 submission per comment please! Include a brief description of your design or your thought process to bring it to life
    If you’d like for us to share your submission on twitter (giving you the credit you deserve, of course), please include your twitter handle in the submission comment.
  5. Share your masterpiece with the world - we will take community engagement into account when we make our final decision :slight_smile:
  6. If you have more ideas, feel free to repeat these steps as many times as you’d like. You can submit as many times as you’d like, just please keep them as separate comments


How will I know if I’ve won the competition?

We will announce the winners on June 28th here, as well as on Discord and Twitter.

What happens if I win the competition?

We will send you an agreement to transfer rights and ownership of the design to Logseq Inc, in exchange for the reward value determined by your place in the competition.

If I win the competition, does that mean Logseq will use my logo?

Not necessarily - we will not use any logo we have not paid for, of course, but choosing a logo is a very personal decision for the company. Our community’s input is very important to us, but we reserve the right to make any executive calls when the time comes to choose our new look.

What happens if I do not win the community vote, but Logseq still wants to use my logo?

Any submissions are your own designs. If we wish to use any submissions, we will contact you beforehand and arrange for a purchase of the design. We will not use any designs that we have not purchased :slight_smile:

Will the Logseq team be participating in the contest?

Logseq team members will be working on their own logo designs, however they will not be eligible for the community prizes. While we may share some internal submissions, none of them will qualify as finalists for the voting period at the end of the competition.

How will finalists be chosen for the voting period?

Finalists will be chosen internally, and while we will largely take engagement and community excitement into account, we can not rely on this entirely, in order to be fair to last minute submissions.

Where can I find more information about the contest or the design brief?

Please see our announcement blog post here.

I have more questions, how can I get answers?

Feel free to comment below! The designers and engineers will be checking this thread very often. We will also be answering questions in the #design channel on our discord and on twitter (@logseq).

Please do not contact our customer support emails for questions around the logo contest :pray:

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

<3 the entire Logseq team


Personally I have used this as an icon for 1.5 years. Assuming you need both a logomark and the icons to launch the app, it can be adapted as follow.

The concept is using indented bullet points that resembles a “L” in reference to “log” phase of PKM and a magnifying glass that resembles a Q in reference to the “seek” phase, because everything in Logseq can be summarized as “log information and seek for it later”:

Log&seek → Logseq.


Flat icons:

Skeuomorphic icons:

Branding example (graph folder):

Edit: added higher resolution images and here there are other two:


Hi! Here’s my submission and my thought process/rationale behind the logo design:

Ok so the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Logseq is nodes.
Therefore I chose dots to represent the nodes.

Now I had to think of a structure to connect the dots. I looked at the Logseq values which are:

  • Intuitive Knowledge Management
  • Collaborative & Open
  • Privacy & Security
  • Accessible & Extensible
  • Empowering Creativity & Problem Solving

After pondering for a while, the idea of a hexagonal shape came to my mind. This was because I had been in some collective sensemaking sessions where we connect different ideas and thoughts with hexagon notes on Miro, to essentially form a network-like structure of knowledge. Logseq too reflects the same concept.

Additionally, hexagon is a pretty stable shape. When hexagons tessellate, they create a connection point of three shapes coming together at 120 degrees. This is one of the most structurally stable connections, and it helps symbolize security. Bees use hexagons to build their honeycombs. And with the analogy to bees, which act as a colony/community, we humans too, are stronger together!

So with this idea, I went ahead and chose hexagons to connect the different dots. And my final outcome in the form of a logo represents all of the core values of logseq:

  • Intuitive Knowledge Management - Each of the dots, represents a discrete node or piece of information or a person, and when they all come together they form knowledge or community.
  • Collaborative and Open - The individual dots represent different people or teams and their coming together to form a unified shape symbolizes collaboration.
  • Privacy and Security - Hexagons are a stable, strong shape, which symbolizes security, and the fact that all dots are connected also imply a private and secure network. Think of the honeycomb structure in a beehive, which is secure and private.
  • Accessible and Extensible - The hexagonal shape can be seen as modular, a characteristic that often implies extensibility in design. This suggests that more “dots” or “modules” can be added as necessary. The open nature of design represents accessibility - anyone can connect to it and be a part of the structure.
  • Empowering Creativity & Problem Solving - The way the dots come together to form the hexagon signifies the process of creativity and problem-solving. It can imply that even though the process may start with disparate ideas (dots), through innovative thinking and problem-solving techniques (the process of connecting the dots), a coherent solution (the hexagon) can be formed.

Cheers, and oh my twitter handle is @UMpickle_


Hi everyone,

I created my first Logseq icon in November 2021, and it’s stayed on my dock since then.

Now that there’s a contest and all, I took the chance to reinterpret it, making it even simpler and (in my opinion) more elegant and versatile.

The basic original rationale still stands: it’s an “L” shape, made by the connection between a node and its child. “Connection” being a very powerful core symbol.

Both colors have been chosen from the Radix library, and the typeface used for the wordmark is IBM Plex Mono (open source).

Speaking of wordmark, you’l notice the apparent off-centering. That’s intentional, for three reasons:

  1. That’s the way text aligns with bullets
  2. It gives the logo a bit of a personality
  3. It calls one’s attention to what comes before — which, in this case, is open-ended.

Well, I hope you like it. Hit me up if you want to use it. I’ll give you a transparent PNG.



Awesome; I love it :heart_eyes:

Really love the design!


I really like the style of this, but I think it should emphasize the fact that nodes in a Logseq graph are linked. Maybe some of those dots could be connected? Maybe something like this but, you know, professionally designed by someone who knows what they’re doing.


Awesome. Vote for this, it looks exquisite.

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Introducing Myself: Hello! My name is Andrea, and I am a novice in the TFT space. I am also a designer and couldn’t resist submitting an entry for the logo contest.

Inspiration: The first place I went to find inspiration for the new logo was the Logseq website, where I admired The Thinker statue, placed as a backdrop to the product. The statue is loved by many, and to me, it is a visual representation of all the great philosophers who have ever existed. I thought about what kind of ethos this brings to Logseq’s brand, and I came up with this: The exercise of seeking knowledge is as old as human history. This sentiment brings a wonderful contrast to the reality of Logseq’s product, which would not exist without modern technology.

From there, I explored other ways in which humans have sought to understand the world. I landed on the History of Geometry Wikipedia page, which states that geometry and arithmetic were the precursors to modern math. And, what is more universal than math? From there, I knew I wanted to create some sort of geometric shape, so I drew an isometric cube as a metaphor for the mind. It represents all of the knowledge a person can hold, but also shows that Logseq is the key to accessing it intuitively. (Hopefully you see the “L” for Logseq.) It is nested inside a hexagon with a solid border, which represents strength and security, but also community, since there is never an end point. The slightly rounded corners give off a friendly vibe, which shows that Logseq is meant to be accessible, collaborative, and open. After all, it is only natural to grow our knowledge by working with others.

Thanks for reading! My twitter handle is @AndreaLeigh111. I am also open to collaborating, so if anyone would like to play with my design, please contact me and I can send you a .svg file.


Logsek Modern Logo - designed by a post-grad student

Hey everyone!!! Hope you are doing great. Logseq has changed the way we take notes and hence it has been my go-to app for note making. When I got to know about the logo making contest, I was excited to share my take on the Logseq logo, so here it is!!

What it conveys -

  1. Familiarity: - Anyone who uses Logseq will instantly recognize that the logo is inspired from the nodes and it’s child nodes. The L shape so formed in this process is at the heart of the new logo, which signifies the word Logseek.

  2. Collaborative & Open: - The logo signifies connectivity between ideas and ease of sharing. The red coloured line signifies the smooth passage of knowledge from one person to another.

  3. Accessible & Extensible: - The logo’s bright & diverse colours signify the diversity of work one can do with Logseek , from basic things like note taking & to-do lists to complex tasks like kanban boards, pdf annotations, AI bot integration and the list goes on… thanks to the variety of plug-ins it has to offer submitted by wonderful community members like you :hugs:

  4. Intuitive Knowledge Management: - The logo also signifies the organized structure of Logseek’s note taking method.

  5. Privacy & Security: - on seeing the logo from another angle, one can notice a smiley :slight_smile: This detail shows trust that Logseek has build over the years through it’s brilliant privacy features.

Attached files include the Modern logo in action, which fits into the UI of every major OS and also look great on Web Browsers. The modern Look & feel makes Logseek attractive to new-comers on the platform :star_struck:

My twitter handle as on the dynamic island image : https://twitter.com/i_abrs

Thank you for going thru my post, I hope you liked it :smiley:


Great designs so far. I really hope Logseq will choose one of these or other logos that are yet to come as a new official logo. Not to be disrespectful to the current logo but I always felt it was sort of random.


great to see the creator of my favorite icon from 2 years back :smiley:
to be honest I prefer the original style because the new one reminds me of Adobe, but it’s still pretty!
I also love that the wordmark is open-ended, but I think “what will it become” is more exciting and forward-looking than “what comes before”. In other words, I think an open ending is more appealing than a shrouded past.
If “logseq” is placed on the parent, the result will look equally cute and quirky as it’s still off-centered. It can also be adapted for different uses by putting “blog”, “hub”, “docs”, etc. on the “child”, for example:


(sorry for the half-assed mock-up. i only used the screenshot tool. there are still outlines left in it and they’re not properly aligned.)

The result is taller and narrower than one line of “logseq blog”, which I think is more “logo-like”. I also think it makes more sense semantically.


Dear Sir / Madam,
Inspired by the concept of the Logseq working process, I designed a minimal line art logo with the combination of the initials L, S, and human brain. Where you can see the L and S in a cubical shape working as human knowledge and thoughts, saving space as notes and images in separate blocks. Here I used “human brain dump” to denote that it worked as a human brain alternative where anybody can recall anytime from that saved data. This design is versatile enough to apply in any format. I hope you will appreciate my creation. Feedback will be appreciated regarding my thoughts behind the design. For a better preview, please check this image at 100% resolution. Thank you.

About Me:

I am a driven and flexible graphic designer with a proven record of delivering creative
and innovative design solutions. I have 10+ years of experience in the field of specializing
in Brand & Identity Design, Print Design and Advertisements. I started my career as Freelance
Graphic Designer after finished my Masters in Computer Application in 2009 from Jadavpur University.
Usually, my working hours everyday is more than 16hrs. My online presence as username
‘putul1950’, you can check it on google as well.

I worked with company like no. 1 Australian solar brand Solgen Energy Group and design full
brand identity for them. Also, I worked with Paramount Pictures for there new online feature.
Currently I am associated with two best online design platform, sharing my portfolio link bellow:


My twitter handle is @putul1950

Please Find the following presentation image of Logseq Brand identity design


This is something that makes sense for Logseq websites/pages independently from the new logo/icon


This makes total sense. Love it. Cheers!


This is frightening.


FYI, I posted this design to dribbble. See it here!


I’m using Logseq for about 1 year, and the most impressive thing about it is the Journals, and the Graph view:

  • Journals really cure my fear of classifying which catalog a new note belongs to before I actually write it down
  • Graph view can connect the journals in another dimension after I wrote it. It’s really burden-less before and after writing things.

Really thanks to Logseq which saved me from selection phobia by the way!

So based on the two points, I designed a new icon for Logseq:

Let me explain it:

  1. The main colors of the icon currently is less attractive and unsaturated, so I managed to find more saturate colors that will make the icon looks more satisfied.

  2. With many thanks to the Journals feature, I designed the main part of the icon:

    • A vertical line and two big circles which represents the journals timeline and two journals on it
    • Another circle connected with the lower circle shows you can easily connect logs with the journals, so you can easily find them.
    • The three circles and the timeline form a shape of letter “L”, which represents Logseq.

    This point also shows “information organization should be smooth and access fast as lighting” which is mentioned in the Intuitive Knowledge Management value.

  3. With thanks to the Graph view, I designed the background of the icon:

    • If you zoom in the icon, you’ll find there are 7 circles connected with each other actually, which represents 7 logs connected by Graph view (I have to say it’s inspired by @rob , thank you rob!).
    • If you zoom out the icon, you’ll find only 3 circles are more stand out(represents the icon mainly), if too many circles or lines appears in the icon, it will be a mess. I tried to keep the icon tidy and clean.
    • The 4 looming circles and lines represents you just write anything in Logseq, Logseq will automatically connect your knowledge and form your own knowledge database, make you smarter and more wisdom.
    • Represents the value of Collaborative and Empowering Creativity.
  4. I draw a border around the icon (maybe inspired by Xcode? lol) which represents Privacy & Security:

    • Your knowledge and writing things are always in a safe place.