LogSeq lost some of my notes

I love LogSeq and use it everyday. I am a paid contributor and I use the encrypted sync features.
Today I found out that one of my pages where I had been accumulating important notes has dissapeared from all my devices.
Is there a way to recover a previous version of these pages?
I have read about other users losing data. Is this a common problem, and how is it being addressed?

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  • Check folder bak
  • Search for data loss, there is plenty to read. In short:
    • It happens to many.
      • Because of failed syncing.
      • Some configurations are more vulnerable than others.
      • Some good practices prevent it.
    • It never happens to many more.
      • Even with syncing enabled.
    • It won’t be properly solved until the coming database version.
  • Always keep backups of important files, no matter the application.
    • Even if the application is not beta, like Logseq is.
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Thanks for the quick reply.
I did check the folder bak, but couldn’t find any useful files.
Will this issue be solved with the new database version that you mention?
If so, when will this change happen (approximately)?

  • If you haven’t done it already, check the folder bak of the other devices as well.
  • The database version should solve the issue, as it will enable a safer implementation of syncing.
  • The last announcement and estimation is here.
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