Logseq mobile sync in background

Logseq mobile app could have sync support (“paid” feature) in background

When opening the mobile app I have to wait for sync before writing to avoid conflicts

Or additionally, expose an interface to trigger a sync (say, to start a sync in iOS shortcuts).

One of my biggest criticisms of sync (which is amazing btw, they’ve done a great job and I’ve seen huge improvements in the last few months alone) is that if I append text before syncing (say, from the iOS Share sheet or from Drafts) it often gets confused and overwrites when the sync finishes. Would be great to be able to write an “append to logseq” shortcut that waits for the sync to complete, /then/ appends it.


+1. Have the same issue on android.

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This is easily the most impactful improvement that could be made to the mobile apps IMO.