Logseq need to focus on performance and stability rather than new features

Sometimes I post some feature requests while I am using Logseq because since version 0.2.x Logseq solved many problems about performance. And I thought it would go better with performance in future.
As I decided to migrate to Logseq, I wrote about 1000+ pages, some page has about more than 1000+ nodes. And it turns out performing much worse. I will point out 3 things in my case below :

  1. When pages arrive about 1000+ page ,it searches very slow. its gragh is slow too(which I dont very care)
  2. When nodes in page arrive about 1000 or more ,it took much time to open a page, while opening, I have to wait for the whole app and worry whether it will be not responding. I see the effort that developer has made, to split page in to some part and just show one part of page until I click previous or next. But it is not enough, whether in performance or intereaction.
  3. When I tagged many nodes also about 1000+,I use query to list them.It took much time for me to wait when I just switch every field to show or hide.

such things it can be perform well in some other software just like notion,obsidian,wolai.I chose Logseq cause I can own my own data. I wonder there is some relation between performance and user-stored data.

This is my advice and what I undergoing while use.

…I agree that more and more users who have thousands of notes could encounter some performance issues. That’s why we started to build our own database, we’d like it to support at least 100k notes and provide better extensibility so that plugins and third-party apps can extend it to do everything. The initial result looks great, some queries are 10 ~ 20x faster than the current implementation. But it’s still early and needs more time for backward compatibility.
I improved the app’s start time a bit yesterday, previously, it takes more than two minutes to load a graph with 6k+ notes, now it’s several seconds.
Another thing I’m working on is to reduce the memory usage to support 10k+ notes, it seems that the latest Electron versions have some memory limits.
We’ll make sure logseq can keep working well with your growing notes! :smiley:
– tienson
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Thanks for your reply. Due to GFW, I can’t check Discord easily.

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