Logseq & Obsidian together - Super ugly PDF embed/annotations on obsidian. What's the best way to annotate notes & embed PDFs/images/videos while using both?

Totally new with both Logseq and Obsidian but I setup to use both together. From my research it seemed like logseq had great ways to annotate directly within a PDF.

I mostly use mac devices so I’m using iCloud and like that I can use obsidian for the app on the go. I have a work computer (windows), I wish I could take notes at work too but my computer is usually completely locked down to other software. So I will forego for now.

Anyways, the two photos show that Logseq nicely hides the PDF, but I can click and open the PDF on a side pane. However on Obsidian, it just embeds an ugly PDF that I can’t minimize.

Also the annotations looks horrendous in Obsidian.

Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem, have you found a solution yet?

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Use Zotero (the latest version) to annotate, and import using plugins in Logseq (the built-in zotero command) and Obsidian (better bibtex something something importer - don’t remember the name).