Logseq on Flathub

Flathub(based on flatpak) allows easy install & updates to apps on any Linux distribution along with integrating them well with the desktop.

Currently Logseq support Appimage releases, which by deafult doesn’t integrate well with desktop(Issues with launch icon & StartupWMClass in Appimage · Issue #3432 · logseq/logseq · GitHub) & does not perform automatic updates, which is why we have to manually download every new version from Github release page.

Having Logseq available as flatpak will make it possible to easily install or update using a graphical front end or cli on various linux distributions, not to mention the wider reach to users, which could potentially lead to more testing & thus more stable linux releases.

While I understand this might be planned after Logseq is out of beta(& it’ll be yet another stuff to maintain), Flathub also has a beta repository & having it there first could help ease migration to stable branch, when version 1 is released.

On a side note similar applications like Obsidian is already available in Flathub(though not officially supported).

You might want to look at the App Submission page if you decide to publish on Flathub.

I would also like to know if you decide to not publish on Flathub right now or if it’s not in the roadmap, then can I put a request on Flathub forum to see if someone else can do the app submission & maintain it?

I did some searching and seems like it has not been requested before.
I do not think it’s currently on the roadmap. A community maintained one might be a good temporary solution.


I am not sure of this was either of you, but wanted to include as might be of interest


Hello friends, happy new year! I’m trying to build a Logseq Flatpak package (https://flatpak.org/) and submit to Flathub (Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux) so various Linux Desktop users can directly install from their software center and get automatic updates.
If I can get the package to work properly I plan to maintain it semi-officially and use the com.logseq.Logseq application id. I’ll keep it updated to the latest beta release or stable release.
Let me know what you think @Logseq Team


Hey, it was me.

FYI, Logseq is available on Flathub now!



Thank you. I have moved the top to #look-what-i-built! Great work!

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Thank you very much, this should be advertised by Logseq social media team because it’s big news for Linux users!! @tienson


Yeah I’m hoping at least logseq twitter spread the word, so more linux users can be aware of this


I will make sure I also add this to the LogseqWeekly Newsletter for next week (this week’s has already gone I am afraid)


I have the opposite experience.
Flathub\Flatpak implementations are always laggy for me, but Appimage always runs well.

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