Logseq on Garuda Linux

Hi guys. I use Linux Garuda as my second system, so I want to use Logseq there as well, but I have a problem. I’ve installed the desktop app, but the problem is, that when I try to load my new graph logseq just does nothing and crashes. My Graph has about 1000 Pages, but on Windows all things work super smooth. Only on linux I can’t load my graph

Logseq works fine on Linux and 1k pages is pretty small unless your linux laptop has very limited memory. Did you install Logseq from the AUR?

I installed Logseq using Pacman :
sudo Pacman -S logseq-desktop
How can I Install it from the AUR

Logseq is not available in arch repos. You installed it from the AUR, likely using Yay or Paru. What is your computer ram capacity?

can you create a new graph? does it crash as well?

I have about 30GB of RAM. I can create a new Graph and it is working perfect

Try clearing the cache

I can try this. Could it be a problem that my graph is in google drive and I’m syncing to it via RClone ?