Logseq on iOS says "Please choose a valid directory" on setup graph

Due to the restriction of Apple, Logseq can’t read data belongs to other Apps on your iOS device (yes, the files on your sync drives belongs to the sync drive app). Logseq only has permission in On my iPhone/Logseq or iCloud drive/Logseq
Of course, you may create new directory under any of them to setup a new graph.

For example,
Following directories are VALID for Logseq:
On my iPhone/Logseq/graph1
iCloud Drive/Logseq/another-graph

Following directories are INVALID for Logseq:

  • On my iPhone/Downloads/Logseq
  • On my iPhone/Documents/Logseq
  • iCloud Drive/blablabla/Logseq

In another word, on iOS, most 3rd-party sync services except iCloud cannot be accessed by Logseq. It’s a common issue for all note-taking apps with file storage.

To provide a care-free user experience on iOS is one of the motivation for developing our own sync service:
Logseq Sync service is under beta

For pro-users prefer Git, Working Copy is working well with Logseq on iOS according to reports

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Thank you for reply my main concern is how long it is taking to set up Logseq.

For me it is a major friction point i have spent 3 days trying to get it to sync across Linux Windows and IOS.

I need to know if it is going to work before i committing support to you guys.

But the whole ethos that Apple is bad and it has to many restrictions and we cannot use it properly i find a little strange.

How do Evernote Onenote or many other allow instant syncing?

I appreciate some are big companies and not Open Source but obviously it is possible.

I would have though the IOS was a decent market to target.

I appreciate as devs you go for the low hanging fruit but an attempt to clearly convey how to connect and sync with IOS should be dealt with.

I see several old tutorials about Github sync but then read you will remove when you relaese your sync ing, but you have no option like a month free to check it out.

It all seems a heavy friction if your a IOS user and i feel like its an awkwardbtopic for you guys to address. Just saying Apple is bad and has lots of restrictions seems little defeatist.

You have a great product but feel like I am in a 2 tiers (child block) cutomer focuseed eco system.

Please take this as genuine feedback not some grumpy person bashing you. I know I am not alone as spending 4 days looking at forums there are many IOS users asking the same questions and just being battered off with its Apple issues.


Good point. Should address it more.
It’s about permission. Logseq can’t read data belongs to other Apps on your iOS device (yes, the files on your sync drives belongs to the sync drive app)
This is the main motivation for developing our own sync service ( Our Logseq Sync service is under beta . Logseq Sync have the experience similar to those in Evernote / Onenote


hi. i have no technical qualifications here, but i note that the IOS app “beorg” is able to link/authorize (whatever) with Dropbox and subsequently enumerate, create, write, and read files in a Dropbox directory,

is that something that logseq could do? are there more “permissions” logseq would need?

(i know about your new logseq sync, but would rather use my more-normal Dropbox path.)


though i notice, reading the small print in beorg’s “settings”, that “Files from subfolders are not downloaded.”, which could be inconvenient if logseq creates/maninpulates files in subfolders.

The setting can be changed to allow beorg to read files in subfolders!

To do so add the following to your beorg init.org:

(set! sync-subfolders #t)