LogSeq on iPad to Google Drive?

Hello, I’m in the process of testing a move from Roam to LogSeq. I installed LogSeq app on iPad, and seems it can sync only to iCloud. Google Drive shows but is grayed out. Is this on purpose? Can something be done to change this? As my ecosystem is a mix of things, including Linux, Google Drive is a way easier central location for my data.

I believe this is due to the way apple does things and there is not much the logseq developers can easily do about it.

Apple support was claiming that this was not a problem on their side, but something the devs could activate for their app (“allowing 3rd party destinations”).

Apple has multiple frameworks for syncing. The one that the support person you were talking is what’s used in apps like iA writer and there are some issues with file watching which are necessary for logseq to function which is why the app has to use a different framework which apple, in order to reduce nefarious access, only allows logseq to access a specific folder. (the one with icon).

Apple can’t exactly do this specific dedicated folder thing with third party providers or something, not sure what their reasoning is for not extending this api to third party, but essentially this means that logseq can’t be used with third party sync services.