Logseq on Linux - desktop app


I have just discovered logseq, eg read about it in connection with Obsidian. I use Linux, and I dont see Linux desktop app available, only Windows and Mac.
Am I somehow missing the right link, or Linux app is not available?

if it is not available, any chance for it in the future?

Many thanks

The standard way to install third-party apps like Logseq on Linux systems is Flatpak and Logseq is already build and shipped by FlatHub, the main Flatpak repository:

In Logseq repository on GitHub there are the releases for Linux both as binaries (.zip archive) and AppImage:

But don’t run binaries or AppImages if you don’t know the risks in this case and in general. Also, I already know a bug present in the Logseq AppImage and not in the Flatpak version (caused by upstream tool used to package the AppImage).

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I’m on Manjaro Linux and Logseq Desktop is in the AUR repository. This is how I’ve installed it on my linux distribution. I did not use the flatpak version.

Notice that AUR is just a user-submitted shortcut for other Arch users to compile Logseq from sources (logseq-desktop or logseq-desktop-git) or downloang the binaries released on GitHub (logseq-desktop-bin).

I’m not aware of any distro that packages Logseq and make it available in its repos and it’s better this way: Flatpak has been introduced exactly for distributing third party apps like Logseq and lift the burden from distro maintainers. These days it’s impossible to package every applications out there.

Also since you use Manjaro be aware that AUR is made assuming you are running Arch; in case an AUR package depends on something that it’s in Arch repos but not on Manjaro’s you can have issues (Manjaro has its own repositories, but push users into using AUR anyways).

For this and other reasons, Manjaro is a distro with a bad reputation and often not recommended. There are easy ways to install Arch if you want to enjoy AUR.

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Thank you for your insights. I understand the issues with AUR repository through Manjaro.

As far as Manjaro itself, I’ve been using it for several years now, and have had no issues. When I did my research of linux distros early on, I didn’t see any bad reviews, and it’s been very stable for me and the other person’s computer that I maintain; I do all of our updates via command line, so that may be why I haven’t encountered any issues. I’ll do some googling about the bad reputation. Thank you again for your insights. Appreciate that very much.

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No worries, someone even setup a website for this: https://manjarno.snorlax.sh/

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I just download the AppImage file to my ~/bin directory then create a link.

$ cd ~/bin
$ sudo chmod +x Logseq-linux-x64-0.7.9.AppImage
$ ln -sf Logseq-linux-x64-0.7.9.AppImage logseq

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Whats the bug in the AppImage file?

It doesn’t register Logseq to handle logseq:// links

It’s also available on nix