Logseq on snapcraft

I’m an Ubuntu user and as many others I prefer using snaps over flatpak or appimage (many reasons, not the right place to discuss about it).

I managed to snap logseq without much hassle and recently fixed a problem with GIT sync so I think it’s ready to be shared with more people.

Without any sort of advertisements the snap already has almost 1K active users which means I’m not the only one with this preference.

I hope others will enjoy using it, you can find it here. Cheers!

Where can I find the snapcraft.yaml?
How can I help to fix any build bugs?

GitHub - p-gentili/logseq: Unofficial snap for Logseq there you go. Any issue/contribution is welcomed :smiley:

Thank you, now every Ubuntu user can easily install Logseq from the store with one click. Very well done.