Logseq public pages 100% "Read Only"

I’m working on sharing my Book Notes with Logseq public pages!

I’m adding these cover images with html

Since I want to make this available to people. I’d like to keep things clean.

I’m trying this in localhost,

if the user clicks on the image they get this

which is the html code I used to insert the image.

I’d love to add some way in which they don’t get to see that. For the purpose of keeping things aesthetic and not confusing them with code.


Perhaps there could be a way to have Logseq public pages is 100% “read only”
Right now, I know that when a user writes something this things won’t save,
but in order to keep things cleaner, perhaps there could be a way in which they can’t write at all.

meaning they would only see logseq in a locked version of preview mode.

This could be an optional setting if needed, since there might be other use cases that I’m not aware of.

Thanks a lot! I’m loving Logseq public pages! Excellent work!