LogSeq quote issue: How can I prevent tags from creating pages when they are a part of a quote?

Whenever I copy and paste text from the internet I place it in a quote. The problem: Sometimes these big blocks of text will contain a number like “#1” or some other tag and I don’t want these to be included in my pages as these are just some text someone else wrote and I only want the pages created to be from something I deliberately put there. Unwanted tag creation from my habit of including text in quotes has really created a mess of my page list.

One solution is to drop this text into a code block instead of a quote because code blocks are disregarded by logseq when it comes to characters but this solution stinks as I want to be able to use quotes.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much, in advance, for your help.

I’m afraid you can only wrap #1 in a pair of ` (making it inline code) or use \ before # to escape it.


This is perfect, thank you!!

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