Logseq reads the export from Zotero

Instead of online only, please consider local zotero integration. Its because some of the academics store their literature bank locally as they have several thousand of papers (i.e. 20GB).

Together with Better Bibtex plugin in zotero, the exported .bib file will be automatically updated when new papers are added. Logseq can then easily pick up the updated version.

Take a look at Citations - Zettlr Docs and No support for Local Zotero Instances · Issue #6 · aljedaxi/logseq-zotero · GitHub for some extra context.

Problem: I would like to keep my pdf’s in Zotero and have a way not only to reference these documents, but also to link to these documents. The problem ist, that if I use normal external links, they would stop working if I change my computer.

Solution: I want my Zotero references not only to be simple references, but also links to the pdf files in my Zotero library.
Then I could link to my external file (saved in my zotero library) with a simple reference. If I click on the reference to file would open. These external links would not break, even if I switch to another computer.

You can see this discussion also on the Zettlr page, in Zettlr it is already possible
Zettlr/Zettlr#2898 (comment)


I’am totally for that too.

This should also reduce the delay the /zotero action has when it queries online zotero. It’s much better to have instant search and filter like zoteroRoam does via caching: How To Use Zotero INSIDE Roam Research - YouTube