Logseq runs powershell cmds with "–ExecutionPolicy Bypass -EncodedCommand .." which sent a red flag to my work's security team


In one of my logseq notes, I had saved a Jira sprint board URL.

When I clicked on that URL from logseq, I got an email from the security team at my work:

Our security controls have detected the following encoded PowerShell command run on your host: ..

Encoded command: C:\WINDOWS\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell -NoProfile -NonInteractive –ExecutionPolicy Bypass -EncodedCommand ..
Decoded command: Start ".."

Parent Process: logseq.exe
Parent Process Name: logseq

Can someone please throw some light on why the execution policy is bypassed? Is that necessary? If not, can that be disabled?

Might be worth posting this in the Logseq Discord - might get a quicker response

This prevent the prompt and interruption during the installation. The Executionpolicy of powershell could be changed, but the adverse effect may add more frictions to the installation process. Alternatively, the security team could whitelist the application…please note that it depends on the security tools being used to monitor corporate computer assets.

But I got that email when I clicked on one of the links saved in my notes, not when installing logseq.

Oddly installation of logseq didn’t trigger anything from the security team.