LogSeq spazzes out if there are way too many bullet points and keeps collapsing and expanding the bullet points back and forth? How to fix?

If I have for example one hundred bullet points in one page, then LogSeq will keep collapsing the bullet point everytime I write a new bullet point and it will keep doing this - it will scroll me back to the previous bullet points when I am writing.

It is a really annoying thing to happen.

How do I fix this???

I don’t understand why it happens when I have too many bullet points. Isn’t that the point of the entire software?

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This recently started happening when I keep a PDF’s annotations page open while I read. After a certain number of annotations, adding a new one causes the bottom half of the annotations page’s bullets to disappear, only to reappear if I scroll around or reopen the page. I don’t know how to fix it. :\

I’ve personally found that collapsing various branches I’m not in (or zooming in on the section I’m focused on) helps with this a lot.

But I agree, it’s definitely annoying.

This is how I fixed it. Thank you!