Logseq Subsequent ban

What is the fine for not obeying the rules and how do I pay it?

I was trying to advertise my Latex plugin, and was told not to adverstise it is against the rules. I argued (bad idea) that there is a bounty for the work, and got timed out.

Havent been able to get back in again.

I have a account from when I was a kid that still works, but it is called Benten, so you see why I would rather not use it.

Rikus (BS.c. Mathermatical Sciences)

Cape Town, South Africa
lategan@gmail.com or
14105195@sun.ac.za (Stellenbosch University student number and email)

PS: it should be noted that my gf uses my account from time to time and I have no told her she should not anymore.