LogSeq Sync - Frequent Prompt to Unlock Graph with Password

I use LogSeq sync to journal / take notes on multiple devices (2 desktops, 1 iPad & 1 mobile).

However, recently I keep getting prompts to unlock my graph with the password on the devices.

I don’t mind having to do this every once in a while, but it seems far too often and it’s preventing me from taking quick notes on my mobile (because I have to type in a lengthy password to access LogSeq)

Any help would be much appreciated :+1:t2:


Same here! I use a Surface Pro, a Macbook and an iPhone. Strangely I’m quite often challenged for a password on my mac and not the other two devices.

Here’s a reason why this is a real issue for me: I frequently block my web browsing with cold turkey pro so that I can work without distraction. The login requires the web. Several times I’ve had changes on my phone and tablet locked out of my macbook (where I do my real work) because of this.

Is there a way to turn this off? I would like to log in once and not be challenged again until I change the password. I already have 3 layers of security on my macbook, I do not need another one from logseq, thanks.

Same here, I’ve been using Mac and iPhone.

LogSeq Synchronization: Lost all my LOGSEQ files on a MAC due to hard drive change.

You just changed the hard drive on a Mac and you may have lost the information you kept in Logseq, I’m not sure if you had backup in icloud. although on my other devices like the iPhone and iPad I can see my old data, I don’t know how to get it back on an iMac or that they can be synchronized. On the other hand, I have a message in English that I can’t understand well and that has been appearing on some of my iPhone and Ipad devices and I don’t know how to solve it either.
023_03_15.md, current file:
ournals/2023_03_15.md. por favor
keep only one of them and re-index

I would appreciate the advice.

This is a bit of a deal-breaker issue for me. Every other time I go to take a quick note or look something up on the go, I am prompted for a password to unlock the graph. Then I have to unlock my Bitwarden vault, manually copy and paste the password. It’s extremely cumbersome.

Ideally, there should be an option like “stay logged into this graph” so that users who want maximum security can disable and always be prompted for a password, and those that prefer convenience can stay logged in. Being randomly prompted for a password at the most inconvenient times is neither secure nor convenient.


Right! This is by far my biggest annoyance. So big that I look for alternatives monthly.

I am considering stopping using Logseq Sync simply because I end up never using it because of the constant need to enter the password. I just can’t stop all I am doing to go do that every time. This is a terrible design choice.

All serious note-taking apps will let you stay logged in for a very long time without asking to re-login and some won’t even ever log you out!

I wish there was at least some config option to change that behavior. Ideally Logseq would never log me out automatically.

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i would also like to emphasise that this topic is important to me.

If there are security concerns - which I do not share - you could make the permanent saving of the graph password optional.

For security reasons, I have a very complex password that I don’t want to enter regularly in my Android app (where it’s most difficult) or on the desktop.