Logseq system folder configuration

It would be useful to define where exactly the system folder is located, at least for security reasons. This may be done simply by an entry in the global config.edn perhaps.

My use case: I use logseq for journalling, and I would like to keep these notes private. I am on a Linux system, which means the system folder is $HOME/.logseq/. However, for the sake of security, I keep my logseq graph/vault folder in a separate encrypted partition, such that only when it is mounted, one can access the notes, even if logseq is installed system-wide. My understanding is that this system folder is necessary for logseq to function.

The problem is however, that even when the partition is unmounted/encrypted, logseq stores the graph and some information in the system folder. As a result, one can access the information in the notes from the system folder. I use logseq only as an editor/organiser and do not intend to rely on it’s encryption capabilities which seem like a work in progress.

My current way of solving this issue is to keep a symlink where the system folder should be, and I moved the system folder into the encrypted partition. That way, when the partition is unmounted, the system folder is inaccessible and the symlink is a broken link, and one can’t access the graph or any cache information.

Additionally, in case, my way of securing my notes has some major flaws, please let me know. Thanks!

Is there any updates or RFC related to this request? I need this for sharing graph, plugins, and querying on DB in Github Actions so on.