Logseq Tags stop at ::

Guys I have a big problem. Since Logseq version 0.8.04 the Logseq tags stop when I type :: like, when I want to create a tag that is named school::education it cuts the part with education off. This is my problem, so I can’t update cause this issue. My hole 1000 pages are taged like this and my system works like this with Anki Sync. I can’t change all 1000 Tags to a Page because this is to much work. So I can’t update. How can I solve this problem. I’m frustrated, can anybody help me ? Thanks for all trying to help

this taxonomy is risky for sure…in logseq, :: is a reserved delimiter used for properties.

possible soutions :

  • replace #school::education with #school/education to benefit from namespaces
  • replace #school::education with [[school::education]] or #[[school::education]]

I would try to find &replace using VSCode or a text editor that supports regex. First BACKUP all your files somewhere safe. try on a couple of dummy files in a temp folder first.
using vscode, use replace in files
find (in regex mode):(#(\S*?::(\S|::)*))
replace with #[[$2]]
this should replace all links #foo::bar::link into working tags #[[foo::bar::link]]

good luck.

Thank you very much for your perfect solution (I can’t use namespaces because i need the :: for anki sync to place my cards in the right deck), I´m going to test your solution tomorow. Thank you very much and have a nice day

Hey It’s me again,
it has worked, but there is only one problem.
Some Links to the pages are formated in Logseq like this #{school::education} , but when I click on them they show me this [[school::education]], and when I rewrite them this error is away. Can I automate this ?

Edit : I only had to reindex the graph