Logseq unusable for long form pages

I am encountering significant performance issues when using Logseq with longer pages, particularly those around or above 1,600 lines in org syntax. The presence of embedded code blocks seems to exacerbate the issue.


  1. Page Length: Approximately 1,600 lines, written in org syntax.
  2. Content: Notes with embedded code samples
  3. Issue: As the length and complexity of the page have increased, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to edit or update due to severe lag.

Resource Consumption:

  • Memory: Logseq uses up to 1.7 GB of RAM when this page is opened.
  • CPU Usage: I’ve observed around 30% CPU usage when simply scrolling up and down the page.

This is a known issue that can’t be fixed easily; you have to split the pages to stay under 1000 lines at least.

Thanks, I understand it may not be an easy fix. But long-form page with code snippets is essential to my workflow. Would be great to fix it later on. For now, I will keep an eye on page length and split when it grows too long.

Notice that you can embed pages using {{embed [[page]]}}.

For example, if you split a page in multiple pages under a namespace (i.e. [[page/1]], [[page/2]] etc) you can have [[page]] that contains:

- {{embed [[page/1]]}}
- {{embed [[page/2]]}}
-         ...

This would preserve the use of “[[page]]” in most queries and linked references filters.


There is nothing wrong with embed page/block
But The style can be inconsistent
Block Array is supposed to look like block Object. But it is a bit distracting.
I agree this is a workaround for me ATM

Do you like this style more? The vertical dashed line indicates there is a page embedded:

Thanks, this one looks better. What is the name of the theme?

Sorry for the late reply, it’s not a theme, it’s just some custom CSS I put together. You can copy it from here and paste it in custom.css:

This include collapsing an embedded page when collapsing the block, but to do so the block needs a child, like this:

- {{embed [[page]]}}
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Thanks for sharing this. This makes the embed pages look better.

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