Logseq vs Notion Video

Hey Logseqers,

I just made another video, this time comparing Logseq to Notion, particularly for task-managment, which is one of the ways I use Logseq for!

Let me know your thoughts, as well as any other video ideas you might have!

Hope you enjoy it!

Very cool video! Thank you very much for your sharing.

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Hi, @santi, thanks for your comprehensive video! As a notion user and a LogSeq user myself, I do agree with you that they are different beasts while they do share some similar functionalities. Your video is very helpful for those who are making a choice.

Truly appreciate the encouragment! thanks

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Awesome to see you agree, yeah Notion databases are something that I haven’t been able to replace, they are simply excellent. Logseq’s future is really exciting! Thanks for the support!

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