Long term goal vs learning plan vs task

I am very disorganized. I plan to try one of the time-blocking methods from a a video about logseq. That would make sense for something work related. But, most of my interests are not at a stage where I can really plan to pursue them.

For example, some day I want to study Spanish. Maybe in a few weeks I could start.

Beyond that there are broader goals, which I want to be spending some amount of attention to, but I’m unlikely to do any work toward that goal soon.

Do you have any thoughts about how to loosely track goals so you can adjust their urgency over time?

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Hi there, I’m pretty new to all this, but while looking out to solve my questions I’ve found a priority feature you can implement in your blocks. Here’s a link to the place: Tasks

Thanks. That gives me more options, but I think if I got much further with planning and tracking goals and interests, I would quickly go beyond 3 levels of priority and TODO/DOING/DONE.

I have trouble prioritizing things top-down in a tree like structure. Zettelkasten seems very interesting because structure forms, rather than me needing to have everything in my head.

The missing piece for me is tracking things that I am unable to prioritize but also don’t want to forget, since they will come up again. Both top-down and bottom-up, I never completely work out the priorities

Heh. The book getting things done seems to describe a way to deal with this. I’ll look into that.

I make projects for things I want to do.
I would have those pages with 2 page properties.
One is prio and one is status.
I use multiple statuses. But important I think for your use case I use “incubation” for anything I’m not working on right now. Then I use queries to have a page with a list of all projects with this status so I can always come back to it.
I use the prio property to give current active projects an order in which I want to work on them.
This can also work on the block level. It’s a lot more flexible than using tasks and build in priority for it. (also priority can be extended beyond the default A, B, C by just using their syntax with another letter. I use [#Y] and [#Z]. Though it does create pages.

Here the query I made for that last list.

{:title [:h3 "🥚 Incubatie"]
 :query [:find (pull ?p [*])
     [?t :block/name "projecten"]
     [?p :block/tags ?t]
     [?p :block/properties ?prop]
     [(get ?prop :status) ?status]
     [(contains? #{"incubatie"} ?status)] 
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