Looking to Hire Consultsnt/

Hello - I am looking to hire a consultant to help me with transitioning to Logseq for both personal and business. If the person is also familiar with Obsidian, that would be an added plus.

Feel free to direct message me or email at edward@darrah.io if youhave any questions.


@edwarddarrah did you find a consultant? I’m also interested in such a service.

I would also literally pay someone to answer my questions since I got almost zero responses to all the questions I have been posting here for many weeks.

I did; thanks for reaching out.

Yes, I did. Thanks for reaching out.

So who did you find @edwarddarrah ?

@danilofaria I worked with @Dario_DS. He is the best in the business.


Oh, I have been following @Dario_DS’s content for a while. He has a youtube channel called OneStutteringMind and a paid Logseq course called Logseq Mastery, which I also recommend. I didn’t realize he also did consulting, but you’re definitely in good hands if you pick him.


Thanks @danilofaria and @edwarddarrah :pray:t4: