Losing notes on iPad / offline caching

I use Logseq on both my iPad and mac. But I’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing substantial amounts of writing when working on the iPad.

This has happened around half a dozen times now to varying degrees. Just this morning, I discovered an entire chapter my book has vanished. And it’s not recoverable through either page history or backups.

The data loss seems to only be one-directional. Meaning I’ve only lost work that I did on the iPad, never on the mac. I’m syncing via iCloud. What I think might be happening is that I’m writing on the mobile app and I’m stopping before the sync happens. But even when I come back to the iPad it’s not there anymore either. I’m wondering if the mobile app is simply not caching the work offline? Do I need to be careful to wait for a sync before I close the mobile app.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a known issue? Are there any workarounds to recover data lost on the mobile app?


edit: forgot to mention I’m syncing via iCloud.

Welcome to the community @Reagan_Rose!

This is a known issue and as a quick search on the forum will tell. There’s been much discussion about this, and there are some best practices (see the rest of my comment below and check out some of the other posts from the search result). Later this summer we’ll launch Logseq Sync that will solve many of the sync issues.

For the short term, the solution is: only have Logseq open on one device at the time. When you keep Logseq open on another device, iCloud can get confused as to what is the correct version of a file.

There’s a good chance there’s still a version of your overwritten files on your hard disk. Check the logseq/bak folder inside of the folder that contains your graph.

Thanks for the reply, Ramses!

That makes sense. Looking forward to Logseq Sync. You guys are doing a great job!

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THANK YOU! :pray:

I’ve just posted a short demo of the upcoming Logseq Sync service: