Lost function: Add new graph

I seem to have lost some core functionality. I want to add a new graph but the “Add new graph” link in the drop-down menu is gone. How do I restore it? Is there another way to add/create a new graph?



Try re-installing the application, without:

  • plugins
  • themes
  • other customizations


Thanks again. I’ve tried this but it seems that in every launch of a newly downloaded copy, the app finds the files and arranges itself in the current way. In several tries I did something to get myself to a version that opened as if fresh on my computer, but when I clicked on its add new graph button, it geve me a message implying I was trying to do the wrong thing and then promptly found the old files.

Anyway, I appreciate your help. Perhaps I need to move everything Logseq off the computer, try a re-iinstall, and then load it all back on again.

If you have an opinion about that approach, I’ll be happy to have it. Otherwise, thank you for your time, considereation, and help thus far.

All the best,