Lost journal entries


I have been using logseq for about 6 months and I’m super happy with it. Today I had a mishap that is partly my own fault but I think it could have been handled better by logseq (sorry if this is an old topic):

I have my logseq folder stored on a file sync drive. This drive had been unavailable for a some days b/c the sync client was not running. Logseq happily continued to run (and stored my journal entries somewhere else??)

When the sync client was started again, logseq reloaded the old files and threw away my changes for the last 3-4 days.


  1. Where does logseq keep data if the network drive is unavailable? Can I recover my data?
  2. Why did logseq throw away the entries I had edited without warning? It seems that it should have noticed that the data is was loading was old…

Best regards, Thomas


This topic is all-over the place (e.g. here).

Thanks for the reply - I think my use case is different since I had a network drive that was gone and then came back, it’s not a random data loss. Also, setting up git integration would not have helped since the data was not on disk.

Logseq happily continued to run without the network drive and it seems to have stored my edits somewhere b/c I restarted loqseq several times.

Also, if I stop the file sync client (ie the network drive is gone) and restart logseq, then all of my DB is still avialable but I get these messages:


Where does logseq store this backup of the data that it shows when the drive is offline?

I think it stores them here:


There is a file here called “logseq_local_W+3A+++Personal Documents++logseq_work.transit” - which I assume is the working set.

I would REALLY have liked a warning before it threw away recent edits in this file and overwrote them with old files from the folder…