Lowercase letters get switched to the uppercase ones in wikilinks

I have a page property called author:: in which I denote the author of the book I am taking notes of.

However, I am still experimenting with getting a consistent typing for my notes, and during that, I was trying [[Murray Rothbard]] first, but then I decided to switch to all lowercases, [[murray rothbard]].

Now, I know that property values are case insensitive. However, in order to have a visually consistent typing in Logseq, I would like to see that property in all lowercase, as I have typed it.

The problem is, Logseq seems to “remember” that I have used [[Murray Rothbard]] typing in the past, so, even if I change the insides of the double brackets to [[murray rothbard]], or better yet, rename the Murray Rothbard.md page into murray rothbard.md, Logseq still sometimes shows it to me as [[Murray Rothbard]].

Anyone else getting annoyed by that?

I think I’ve struck this before and ‘fixed’ it by refreshing or re-indexing the graph. Try that and let us know if it works.

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Yeah. A ritual of trying the following in no particular order seems to solve this:

  • refreshing
  • re-indexing
  • manually deleting the tag value, and re-typing it as in desired type
  • turning OFF the syncing solution (syncthing in my case) and doing the previous 3 again

Mix-and-match and try until the look becomes consistent in the UI.

Proper names are better upper-cased (i.e. [[Murray Rothbard]]), since:

  • they don’t have exceptions
  • they read more natural (this is more important than it seems)
  • that allows to easily switch back and forth between link and non-link, without having to bother with the case

I would follow that convention, IF logseq converted [[Murray Rothbard]] into murray_rothbard.md filenames in the background.

As I said, I also pay attention to how my filenames get written to my filesystem by logseq. My convention with my filenames is that they should be in lowercases, and have underscores instead of whitespaces.

The second one, Logseq isn’t satisfying for me, as it keeps the whitespaces in the filenames.

The first one, I make Logseq satisfy for me, by sacrificing your 3 bullet points that argue for uppercase initials.

You are indeed “fighting the tool”, which is rarely worthy.