Mac desktop and ipad Sync: in Ipad, not working Pdf

Subject: Logseq(0.9.6) connection problem between PDF and iPad

1. I am using Logseq on Mac and iPad. 
2. journal and graphic view are connected normally in the same folder name. 
3. the problem is that the body of the Pdf file is not connected on the iPad. The linked references and tags are still linked. However, when I click on the link on the Mac, it connects to the PDF text, but on the iPad, it only shows the link and does not connect to the PDF text when I click on it. 
4. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to solve this problem.

I have the same problem. I want to open a pdf in Logseq on iOS - the share menu opens- but when I click nothing happens. Is this feature broken with iOS 16.5 and Logseq 0.9.6?

Yes, it’s frustrating. I’m also at 0.9.6, iOS 16.5. I’d appreciate it if the gurus could chime in.

This has not worked for me for some time. I’ve reported it here and on github without response.

You can access the files from within the Files app on iOS but it can be quite a task to find them there… I wouldn’t call it a workaround.