Macros to insert icons, buttons and more


Logseq internally uses Tabler Icons. You can browse its website to find an icon and copy its code:

Icon macro

Here there is a macro to be added in your config.edn to easily add those icons in your notes:

"i" "[:span {:class ti} \"&#x$1 \" ]"

Then in your notes you can use the syntax {{i code}}. Result:


Button macro

Here there is another macro, this one adds a label to the icon and a URL:

"b" "[:a {:href \"$2\"} [:span {:class ti} \"&#x$1 \" ] \"$3\"]"

Usage: {{b code, URL, Label}}, for example {{b eaad,, Label}}. Result:

To point to a page instead the URL must be like this: {{b eaad, #/page/Page name, Label}}

Special button example: GitHub issue

You can also define specific buttons, for example here there is a macro to create a link to a GitHub issue:

"bug" "[:a {:href \"$1/issues/$2\"} [:span {:class ti} \"&#xea48 \" ] \"$2\"]"

Usage: {{bug org/repo number}}, for example {{bug logseq/logseq, 8623}}


nice workflow :muscle:
maybe it’s time for me to start using macroses finally ))

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Wow, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing

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FYI this plugin shows a little icon picker when you hit the selected shortcut. Highly more useful than searching for the code and copying it into a macro!