Make Context-Aware Tab (indent) and Shift-Tab (out-dent) for "in-block" editing (of lists)


Is it possible to have a feature similar with ^^dwim^^ but for Tab / Shift+Tab? It would be useful to be able to indent unordered lists and sub-lists and out-dent similarily with how things currently are configured for blocks, but, when editing a block, instead of moving the block inside the previous block (as a child), the Tab and Shift-Tab would actually be in Block-Editing Mode too and do the indent and out-dent for the list items within;

Config.edn for dwim:

;; dwim (do what I mean) for Enter key when editing.
 ;; Context-awareness of Enter key makes editing more easily

Thank you.

have you tried the logical outdenting? is that not what you are looking for?

Outdenting refers to the way blocks (bullets) are treated. I wish I could do Tab-indenting and Shift-Tab-outdenting while editing Blocks and using unordered lists bullets. A sort of context-aware Tab and Shift-Tab, so that they work differently when editing a block. Right now, if I am editing a block and press Tab, no “tab” is inserted inside the block (I believe that wouldn’t make sense in Markdown) and the effect is still Logseq doing the Block Indenting even if I am doing some in-block editing.

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