Make hotkey's usage consistent independant of view mode or edit mode

Currently a lot of hotkeys are a combination of letters. Like gg to open the graph view and gh to open the home page (default is journals page). Although nice to have those these only work when you are in View mode as in Edit mode you might actually try to type gg or gh.

I would propose a redesign of the hotkeys functionality where a modifier-key (CTRL-SHFT-WIN keys on windows or FN-CTRL-OPT-CMD keys on MacOS) are mandatory for hotkey’s. That way these hotkeys can be active on both edit mode and view mode. Multiple modifier keys should also be an options. For example option-cmd-j to go to the journals page.

I am not sure if double letters with a modifier key would work. So gh would become cmd-gh for example. If not single modifier-letter combinations should be enough.

If I look in the command palette there are 25 multiple letters combinations used as hotkey. So that would be doable to change those to a modifier-letter combo.

The main advantage would be to have the hotkeys work always no matter if you are in edit mode or in view mode. In a regular day that would save me a 100+ times hitting the ESC key and also the mental energy to think if what I want to do requires an ESC before I do it.
Further I think the application would work more logical.
And I assume there is less code involved if you don’t have to check the mode your in. But I am no programmer so that might be wrong.

The main disadvantage is that you have to train your brain (and muscles) to use the new hotkey combo’s. But that is a one-time investment and something you do regulary when using a new application.

Any thoughts?