Make link by selecting text and pasting URL from clipboard

This is a small quality-of-life thing, but I find it to be such an elegant, intuitive, delightful experience. I believe this was invented by WorkFlowy – it’s the only app I’ve seen it in, in any case.

  1. In my browser (or wherever), I copy a URL that I want to save to my clipboard.

  2. In Logseq, I have some text.
    E.g. TODO Post feature request on the forum

  3. I select the text I want to link up (say, the word “forum”) and hit Cmd/Ctrl-V to paste.

  4. The selected text is replaced with a Markdown link to the URL in my clipboard.
    E.g. TODO Post feature request on the [forum](

Notion does this too. At first I kind of hated it, thought it was lazy. But then I got used to it. Now that I’m working a lot more in LS I definitely miss it!! Would be great to have :raised_hands:

Roamresearch has one more step, cmd+k to expand the selected text to markdown link mode, and just cmd+v to paste the link. I find it’s good, but now the cmd+k is used by as global page search in Logseq.
Someone has a solution on this will be appreciated.

I believe this is now possible in the latest releases if Logseq. Thanks for the suggestion and glad it go implemented as saves a lot of time.


This was working for me for a long time and now with the latest version, Carl-k does nothing of you have text selected already :confused:

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For me the shortcut is Cmd-l , but I run into the same issue when I already have text selected. The shortcut still works when nothing is selected, creating the []() shortcode.

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On 0.5.1 (Mac):

  • Cmd+v will link the selected text to the URL in the clipboard.
  • Cmd+l will just create the []().

Thank you so much!! I think I may have read this in the release notes or somewhere else and forgot!!

Yep, I can confirm this on Mac.