Make query results collapsed by default?

Hi, does someone know whether there is a way to make a query collapsed by default?

Example use case:
I have a project page, and inside a query “done and canceled tasks” (just for reference and stuff). Obviously, I’d prefer it to not be expanded every time I open the project page.

I mean, in the worst case, I can put such queries at the end of the page, but a way to make queries collapsed by default, if there is such, would be neater :smiley:

Just to make sure it’s clear what I mean:


I know with advanced queries you can use something like …

:collapsed? true

I am not 100% sure about the syntax. For Simple queries I have not found a way. Would be a great feature request to make. In the settings of the simple query an option to default collapse or note.

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omg, I even used that once, but totally forgot about it… :sweat_smile: Thanks for your answer!