Make star autoformatting as italic toggleable in notes

Hey there,

have not found anything related to this feature.

In German, using the gender-star is quite common to indicate all genders (male, female, non-binary, inter- and transsexual, agender, etc.). E.g. “Politiker*innen”. I know there are other possibilities but a lot of people in my bubble at least do prefer the star over them including myself.

However, auto-formatting (am new to loqseq but seems to stem from markdown?) hides the star * in notes, which is the opposite of the effect the star is used for in German language.

Could there be a way to remove the autoformatting of stars as italic?

Not sure, if a plugin could offer that effect?


Logseq is indeed using markdown files to store our notes. Try escaping the asterisk with a backslash in order to avoid its regular markdown meaning, like this: foo\*bar.

Hope this helps!

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