Make visual effect more visible (mode & block icon)

I am using LogSeq for a while and really loving it. I also installed vim plugin that helped a lot with my productivity. However, due to my poor eye sight I am alway missing on LogSeq mode (view vs edit). Also, if the block has any childern when is collapsed.

I need to make visual effect more apperant. I read manual and think can be done with change in css files but having problem as what to change! Basically:

  1. I need to change background color (or other visual effect) depending if I am in edit or view mode.
  2. Block’s icon/color be different if blocs has any children. For instance, have different color or show :arrow_heading_down: when there is children blocks.
    What setting need to be changes.
    Thanks a lot,
    btw, I also installed awesome styler plugin but doesn’t seem to be any setting for that

Should add rules in file custom.css . Here are some random visual effects for the two cases:

  1.  .ls-block:has(.block-editor) textarea {
       background: orange;
  2.  .ls-block[haschild="true"] > div:first-of-type:before {
       content: "\2193";

Perfect. Thanks a lot @mentaloid